Blueberry Crepes

The most Delicious Poffertjes 

on the Great Ocean Road

About DutchCafe

DutchCafe is a modern take on a classic European fare. Serving poffertjes (mini pancakes) as the centrepiece and with a stunning and delicious selection of toppings, DutchCafe is a mixture of old romantic European charm and urban coffee chic. And we come to you!

Our unique, artisan designed trailer, with its huge copper cooking plate, creates a distinctive ambiance in any setting. There is even the opportunity to add a decorative touch to enhance your theme.


Menu and Toppings

The Versatile Menu

Our poffertjes are prepared using the highest quality ingredients and in a time honoured and authentic way . The freshly prepared batter is poured on to an impressive, copper hot plate and cooked to  perfection by our skilled staff. When they are golden brown they are ready for the toppings of your choice.

Perhaps chocolate with strawberries or grassfed butter with whiskey barrel aged maple syrup? Not just an extraordinary culinary experience but a visually exciting one, as well. 

Catering and Events


Christmas parties, corporate events, festivals, kids parties, weddings, community events, birthdays, school fairs or maybe a gathering of some very close friends for an unforgettably decadent food and wine extravaganza.


At DutchCafe we liaise with our clients to create a wonderful event experience. Our goal is for your guests to be dazzled on every level. We have the style and the versatility to meet your catering needs and our unique 'kitchen' adds that little touch of theatre to transport your event to another world.


Imagine your wedding...perhaps in a garden setting, a warm dusk, lanterns in trees gently casting a romantic glow as we serve an elegant dish of poffertjes topped with crushed nuts, nutella, and Persian fairy floss (pashmak) - a stunning dessert which oozes romance and sensuality.


Or, a kids party? we offer a very simple, fun-looking and easy to eat menu; kids love our poffertjes with melted butter, whipped cream and fairy sprinkles or a chocolate sauce and they also adore our brilliant trailer kitchen.

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Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.13.00 pm
Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.14.36 pm
Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 12.55.20 pm
European Trailer
Cook to order
Dutch Cafe Catering
Crepes and Mini Pancakes
Upscale catering
Poffertjes and toppings
Poffertjes Plate
Mouthwatering Desserts

These days, first impressions are what it's all about. We not only provide beautiful, gourmet catering but our visual presence adds a totally different dimension to any event. We are Instagram ready!


When you want an exceptional celebration which absolutely fits with your timeframe and situation, look no further than DutchCafe. Our poffertjes are absolutely perfect when served as a deliciously sweet side dish with coffee and Dutchcafe can be an ideal partner with a coffee vendor to completely complement any occasion.

We pride ourselves on our creativity and our versatility. Sweet or savoury, elegant or even childlike, our team is ready for any challenge.


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Contact us for a quote and questions.

We are the coming together of old world style and a modern, contemporary fare to meet your events catering requirements. And, it as simple as visiting our website to book your next function or event or discuss it with our team of catering professionals.



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